Cybersecurity as a Service

Cybersecurity services

We understand the value you place on the integrity and security of your business-critical data. Our cybersecurity services provide you with complete protection, enabling quick recovery when needed making sure your business can continue.

We offer:

  • Managed workstation protection
  • Hardware as a service
  • Connectivity management
  • Managed firewalls
  • Managed network protection
  • Cybersecurity risk management
  • Hosted backup services
  • Managed server protection

The threat to your business is real

People work from anywhere, often in unprotected environments.

Whether you are a small business owner, or enterprise CIO, you must protect your business against cybersecurity risks.

Top 15 Types of Cybersecurity Risks

  • Malware
  • Password Theft
  • Traffic Interception
  • Phishing Attacks
  • Distributed Denial of Service
  • Cross Site Attack
  • Zero-Day Exploits
  • SQL Injection
  • Social Engineering
  • Man-in-the-Middle attack
  • Ransomware
  • Cryptojacking
  • Water Hole Attack
  • Drive-By Attack
  • Trojan Virus

South African Cybersecurity Statistics

R2.2 billion
– the annual cost of

targeted ransomware
and BEC attempts

219 million
email threat detections

3rd highest
number of cybercrime
victims in the world

of cybersecurity
breaches are due to
human action or error

230 million
threats in 1 year – the
worst in Africa

Cybersecurity vulnerabilities

Email and Web
  • Domain management
  • Compliance archiving
  • Advanced threat protection
  • Proof of delivery and encryption
Endpoint Devices
  • Latest operating system
  • Antivirus with full reporting across the organisation
  • Software patch management for OS and third-party apps
  • Workstation backup
  • Group policies defined and implemented
Network & Facilities
  • Managed firewall
  • Remote access restrictions
  • Managed network protection
  • Physical facility security
Servers & Applications
  • Group policies defined and implemented
  • Server OS patching
  • Server backups
  • Advanced antivirus protection
  • Managed firewalls

Cybersecurity as a Service

Secure and de-risk your business

  • Old-school controls do not protect against modern hacking and cybersecurity breaches.
  • You need sophisticated technology to deal with complex security threats.
Cybersecurity as a Service

Secure. Comply. Succeed.

  • We design, implement and manage all the latest digital security controls you need to protect your company’s assets.
  • Following the NIST-Cyber Security Assessment Framework, we execute a compliant risk-based approach to prioritise, select and deploy new technologies.
  • With our Workstation Complete Protection solutions, you can quickly and securely deploy new devices, instantly secure compromised devices, and reduce downtime.
  • Threat intelligence solutions provide insights and alerts that help you make better decisions and secure your business.
  • We built our cloud solutions on secure platforms like AWS and Azure.
  • Managed endpoint security includes remote support to defend against cyber security threats and protect your valuable IP.

Cybersecurity risk management

Email and Web
  • Cybersecurity protection for Office 365 and hosted Exchange
  • Email archiving
  • Registered mail with encryption
  • Sensitivity labels and data loss prevention
Endpoint Services
  • Workstation managed protection
  • Hardware as a Services
  • Managed backup services
Network & Facilities
  • Managed firewalls
  • Managed network protection
  • Gold/Platinum SLA with Cyberhawk security services
  • Continuous vulnerability scanning, reporting and remediation
  • Secured, locked offices with access control
Servers & Applications
  • Hosted services with disaster recovery capability
  • Managed backup services
  • Managed server protection (Support, Patching, Antivirus, Intrusion detection)
  • Hosted managed firewalls

Compliance with ISO, NIST, CIS, POPIA, GDPR
Security and risk assessments can evaluate risky business practice
Information and technology governance frameworks, policies and a cybersecurity programme should be established


The most cost-effective and significant way to protect your business Cyber awareness training for all staff Information Officer training

Five steps to secure and de-risk your business

Conduct a NIST cybersecurity risk assessment
Identify the likelihood and impact of risks and vulnerabilities
Determine what should be protected & which NIST CSF capabilities you need to work on
Make recommendations to address, prioritising essential areas, map back to NIST CSF
Practice response & recovery plans disaster recovery drill/plan

End-user and office solutions

Managed workstation protection

Secure and managed endpoint devices that fuel productivity and collaboration.

  1. Easy, fast, and secure employee device-onboarding
  2. Consistent and positive employee experience
  3. Ongoing security, compliance and performance support and monitoring
  4. Workstation high protection
  5. Workstation complete protection with Zero-Touch deployment

Hardware as a service

Hardware as a Service gives you the latest hardware technology and accompanying combined with the relevant software, maintenance, installation, and upgrades. Combine finance, provision, and managed services in one fixed-cost platform.

  1. Avoid tech FOMO as hardware becomes obsolete at an accelerated rate
  2. Remove IT assets from your balance sheet
  3. Start working immediately with any laptop and accessories
  4. Enjoy unlimited per-device support
  5. Manage costs as an operating expense
  6. Upgrade, update, and replace hardware as new technology emerges
  7. Any equipment you like
  8. No added markup means more money for you to work with
  9. Subsidised rental fees and installation
  10. Seamless transition to your new devices
  11. Own the equipment at the end (if you wish)
  12. A simple ordering process

Connectivity management

Providing you with agile solutions to keep your business and employees connected regardless of location.

  1. Support desk service to resolve connectivity issues with ISP service providers on your behalf
  2. The best fit-for-purpose product and price because we leverage our relationships with multiple ISP to your advantage
  3. ISP connectivity management
  4. Fibre and ADSL
  5. Networking infrastructure
    • Cabling services
    • Switches
    • Routers
    • WIFI access points

Managed firewalls

Through our managed care offering, your IT and devices are monitored and protected so you can focus on building a risk-free business.

  1. Provides secure internet access across devices
  2. Protects against zero-day attacks, malicious website traffic, viruses, botnets, ransomware, malware and more
  3. Fortinet suite of products
  4. Managed firewall services

Managed network protection

Monitoring your network for unusual traffic or rogue devices is key to securing your business data and protecting your users from vulnerabilities.
Managed network protection provides a graphical user interface of all your network infrastructure so that you can ensure uptime and maintain a healthy network.

  1. Automate network visibility & IT asset management. Complete your network picture with automated network discovery, inventory, and documentation that updates in real-time as the network evolves.
  2. Simplify network performance monitoring & troubleshooting. Respond to network issues in real-time and dive deep into problems with Syslog, so your users are always connected to the business-critical resources they need to do their job.
  3. Automate configuration backup & recovery. Sleep easy knowing you have access to up-to-date device configurations, a snapshot of all historical configs, and the ability to export or restore a configuration quickly.
  4. Intelligently analyse network traffic. Auvik TrafficInsights™ goes beyond NetFlow, quickly identifying network activity.
  5. Navigate the network with ease. Quickly see the big network picture, narrow down possible devices to investigate, and zoom in to get the info you need.
  6. Create powerful workflows with Auvik APIs. Pull data points like alert history, inventory, and all historical stats from Auvik to integrate them into a third-party application or use the data yourself.

Foundational services

Cybersecurity risk management

A continuous process of protecting your business against cybersecurity threats.

  1. Risk assessments based on the internationally recognized NIST Cybersecurity Framework.
  2. Get an easy-to-understand comprehensive visual of security vulnerabilities your customers are facing
  3. CISO-recommended remediation help you create a revenue-generating action plan
  4. Customer-friendly risk reports provided in easy-to-understand language
  • Assessments and analytical services using NIST cybersecurity framework and the Centre for Internet Security (CIS) controls to identify vulnerabilities and establish the procedures for protecting, responding, recovering, and communicating cyber related risks and incidents
  • Develop, implement, and enforce group policies
  • Cyberhawk
    • Continuously scans your network and infrastructure for vulnerabilities and footholds your anti-virus can’t detect
    • Protects against rapidly evolving cyber threats
    • Reduces the chances of an information security breach
    • Understand your risks and how to avoid a breach
    • Detect keyloggers, trojans, spyware, unauthorized registry changes, or other malicious activity

Hosted backup services

Hosted cloud backup solutions protect you against data disasters by providing offsite data, systems and application backups, monitoring, and drills.

  1. Less expensive than maintaining an on-premises backup system
  2. Data is accessible from anywhere
  3. Better data security and protection from cyberattacks
  4. Easily scalable
  5. Acronis cloud backup for workstations and servers
  6. Asigra enterprise backup services
  7. Managed backup-as-a-service with recovery drills
  8. Backup monitoring services

Managed server protection

Manage, monitor, and secure your servers (on premise or in the cloud) to prevent intrusions, hacking and other malicious actions.

  1. Increased reliability and security
  2. Less workflow interruptions
  3. Central data storage, backup, and other shared resources
  4. Anti-virus and cyber security management
  5. Alerting and monitoring
  6. Microsoft patch management
  7. Third-party patch management
  8. Symantec endpoint security enterprise