Hosted Backup

Managed Backup as a Service

The simplest and most effective
way to ensure business continuity

Make sure your backups and disaster recovery planning are up-to-date with our optional addons for RecoveryVault services.

Backup as a Service explained

With BaaS, Global Micro will take on the responsibility for continuously refining your backup routines and strategy, and monitor scheduled operations to ensure they are successful. You’ll still have full visibility and comprehensive reporting: and most important, peace of mind.

Managed Backup as a Service

Trust your data recovery strategy to the experts

Backup as a Service (BaaS) is a support addon available to customers who choose Global Micro’s RecoveryVault to protect their data.

With RecoveryVault Hosted Backup, your data is replicated in two of our secure data centres where it can be accessed in the event of a critical issue. But you are ultimately responsible for ensuring backups are scheduled and completed correctly.

Greater peace of mind

With our BaaS addons, Global Micro provides an extra level of care which includes configuring, patching and maintaining RecoveryVault appliances on your behalf. In addition, we will take respsonsibility for management and configuration of RecoveryVault Enterprise DS systems, and provide assistance with regular recovery drills. We’ll also provide extra training for your server administrators.

For even greater protection, our Platinum SLA includes daily monitoring of backup operations. You can trust in our years of experience and cast iron service guarantees that we won’t let you down.

Managed Backup as a Service

Global Micro’s methodology ensures the integrity and security of your business-critical data, and the entire process is documented, protected and tested. Thanks to our comprehensive reporting tools, you’ll always be kept up-to-date about your data.

BaaS features…

Free up your IT team

While we take care of your backup regime, your IT team can concentrate on adding extra value to your business.

Comprehensive reporting

A comprehensive email notification system is in place to notify and verify all parties of successful backups, backup failures and incomplete backups.

Fully documented

We’ll work with you to create a detailed backup strategy document, and ensure that it is always kept up to date as your business grows and needs change.

Test restores

A strict testing regime ensures that that your recovery plans will always work if disaster strikes, and that your team is always aware of the steps we’ll take to recovery data.

Platinum SLA Monitoring

Hardware performance, system utilisation and backup success are constantly monitored using our tried and tested tool suite.

Cost effective

We’ll work with you on a full disaster recovery plan that matches your business needs, with predictable costing that you won’t break the bank.


Certifications & Recognition

Our team of experts are trained and certified to deal with any challenge or regulatory framework whilst ensuring operational excellence.