IDSync Identity Synchronisation

IDSync Secure Single Sign On

More secure for your business
more convenient for your employees

IDSync Secure Single Sign On from Global Micro provides a single user identity across all applications, secured with one password or two-factor authentication.

IDSync Identity Synchronisation Explained

IDSync works with Active Directory to reduce the complexity of signing in to applications without compromising your security. Staff only need one password, and IT administrators can keep track of who can access which services.

User security is more than just platform access, it is application and data security as well.

Most companies who have an on-premise Active Directory (AD) server and are wanting to transition to the cloud are faced with challenges integrating their cloud offerings. User security is more than just platform access, it is application and data security as well. IDSync solves this problem by providing application-level user security, password synchronisation, and access management for both on premise and cloud based systems directly from within the standard AD users and computers management suite.

IDSync is designed to reduce the security risks relating to computer user password, identity and access management and secures your software applications and data residing on diverse operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, IBM AS400, Cloud Applications and UNIX.

Business Agility Benefits

Features and benefits

Below are some of the primary features and benefits relating to IDSync

One password and TFA

IDSync means employees only need to remember one password for everything, since access is granted from a central database based on authenticated identity. This means complex passwords and two-factor authentication (TFA) including biometrics can be applied company-wide.

Reduce overheads

Fewer passwords means fewer calls to helpdesk for resets or lockouts. In addition, employee access to services and applications can be managed centrally, so you can change which applications an employee can use without leaving your desk.

Full identity management

User ID and passwords are centrally managed. One interface ensures that users have access to the right information across multiple systems and applications, which can be turned on and off per application.

Ready for the cloud

IDSync works with Microsoft Office 365 and Azure for on -premise and cloud identity management. As you scale your business into the cloud, you can take IDSync with you.

Easy integration

IDSync integrates with the existing active directory, so it can be rolled out quickly without introducing any risk to the organisation.


Certifications & Recognition

Our team of experts are trained and certified to deal with any challenge or regulatory framework whilst ensuring operational excellence.