Today’s business challenges need modern solutions

  • Workplace expectations and the way we work continue to evolve
  • The global pandemic has highlighted the importance of digital agility
  • The challenges of supporting employees in the field puts strain on resources
  • Organisations are worried about security threats and managing business risk
  • Even with IT budgets increasing, there is a need to reduce cost
  • The opportunity tied to a digital transformation is huge and complex

Challenges facing the modern business


The need to abide by departmental and industry-wide data security policies and compliance standards


Maintaining security for work-from-home and mobile workforces


An overwhelming number of vendors, partners, and technology products, prompting the need for simpler single sourcing


Availability of hardware to ensure high productivity is maintained

Real-world scenario – Empowering remote workers


A Cape Town-based organisation just hired a new head of sales, Jennifer, who lives in Johannesburg


Thanks to Workstation Complete Protection, her laptop was sent to her a few days before she started


She received it, she powered it on, signed in, and was collaborating with her team in under 45 minutes


This all happened with minimal IT involvement. And Jennifer never had to set foot in the office

Real-world scenario – Securing your devices


A CEO’s laptop was stolen. Workstation Complete Protection allowed his team to remote lock it instantly


And because of Intune and AutoPilot, they were able to send a new laptop to him overnight


When he received it, he powered it on, signed in, and had access to his files in under 45 minutes


This meant no delays, minimal IT involvement, and a CEO who didn’t have to cancel his meetings

Secure and de-risk your workforce

Asset Management
Endpoint Security
Software and Application Management

Asset Management

  • Device Insurance (HaaS only)
  • Location Tracking with mobile device management
  • Hardware and Warranty Tracking with warranty claim fulfilment and co-ordination
  • Dell, HP and Lenovo Driver, Bios and firmware management

Endpoint Security

  • Symantec Endpoint Security Complete
    Includes URL & Web Browser Protection
  • Symantec Endpoint Detection & Response
    Analyse this data to identify threat patterns. Automatically respond to identified threats to remove or contain them, and notify our security team
  • Symantec Web Security Services
    Enhanced web filtering of web traffic for all non-South African web services
  • Screen Connect secure remote support
    Auditable remote support tool with integrated voice
  • Automate endpoint monitoring & alerting
    Includes a powerful scripting engine for automatic remediation

Software & Application Management

  • Windows 10 patch management
  • Curated software portal
  • Third-party application patch management
  • PowerShell script management
  • Windows 10 feature management
  • Printer driver management


  • Software tracking
  • Encryption management
  • Centre for Internet Security (CIS) policy enforcement
  • Group policy enforcement (without Active Directory enrolment)
  • Modern Azure policy enforcement
  • Registry settings management

80% reduction in security breach costs


50% reduction in annual security breach volume


57% reduction in deployment costs


15% reduction in device and application performance tickets

Key Benefits

  • Devices are secured and compliant before being deployed
  • Self-service with just a few clicks deploys business applications on devices no matter where they are located
  • Hardware can be provided as a service and paid for monthly with full device management and warranty tracking
  • All the tools to manage the endpoint and the user’s identity are included in the solution