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RecoveryVault Hosted Backup

The complete backup
and disaster recovery solution

Welcome to Global Micro’s hosted backup service, RecoveryVault. RecoveryVault is a cost-effective business continuity solution which can scale to the needs of any size business, large or small.

RecoveryVault explained

RecoveryVault puts you in charge of your backup and disaster recovery regime, with simple-to-use dashboards and incremental scheduled services. Global Micro offers RecoveryVault in two different tiers: RecoveryVault Express and RecoveryVault Enterprise.

We select the best technology

Research suggests that four out of five small businesses are not prepared for data loss, and 60% of SMBs which suffer data loss close within six months.

In addition to storing your backups at our highly secure datacentre, Global Micro can provision a local storage appliance as part of a RecoveryVault solution which can increase the frequency of backups, and reduce bandwidth.

All data is protected using 256-bit encryption at all times

Stay protected and compliant with POPI and data protection laws thanks to full 256-bit encryption of all data in transit and at rest. RecoveryVault Enterprise is powered by Asigra™, and is FIPS 140-2 Certified for encryption, and meets ISO 9001, 27001 and BS EN 25999 standards.

RecoveryVault will protect your business from critical data loss caused by IT failures or attacks from malware and ransomware. Your data is protected at all times.


Choose how you want to be protected

RecoveryVault Express will backup data from Windows, Mac OS, SQL, MySQL and Exchange databases using a software agent installed on each machine. RecoveryVault Enterprise simplifies backup regimes by using agentless detection of data changes on over 80 platforms, including mobile devices, SAP, Oracle, Hyper-V and more.

Global Micro can also provide Managed Backup as a Service and Virtual Disaster Recovery as optional extras for all RecoveryVault customers.

With RecoveryVault Enterprise, you can protect your entire digital footprint and automatically check and repair data integrity.

What you need to know…

RecoveryVault Express
Powered by Acronis™
Software agent installed on local machine
256-bit encryption
Windows, Mac OS, SQL, MySQL & Exchange
Off-site data replication, with optional local storage appliance
Backup as a Service
RecoveryVault Enterprise
Powered by Asigra™
Agentless data detection
256-bit encryption, FIPS 140-2 certified
80+ platforms including Oracle, SAPS, VMWare, Hyper-V, etc
Off-site data replication at two datacentres, with local storage appliance
Backup as a Service with Virtual Disaster Recovery


Certifications & Recognition

Our team of experts are trained and certified to deal with any challenge or regulatory framework whilst ensuring operational excellence.