Empower your email
with proof of receipts and visibility

RMail from Global Micro is an add-on for all clients which adds essential features for modern email use.

Rmail explained

You are in control of your email, with legally submissable records of delivery time, opening and Registered Receipt™. RMail is an essential set of tools for compliance and security.


Gain complete visibility of your email records with tracking and proof of delivery

RMail can reduce the cost of compliance thanks to digitally verifiable email tracking which will store records of when important emails are opened. You can request that recipients “sign for” emails using the proprietary Registered Receipt™ service. Records of delivery are kept on separate servers so that they can be independently verified.

RMail’s unique features can help with POPI compliance and other data protection laws.

RMail makes digital signatures and encryption easy

Email encryption and digital signing typically require both sender and recipient to install and use the same software in order, but with RMail you can send and sign encrypted mails to anyone, secure in the knowledge that sensitive information will only be seen by the intended recipient.

Our Approach

RMail saves time and money, reducing costs associated with printing, couriers, legal fees, and labour. Rmail is a free add-on for all users which can be extended with bundles for individuals, groups and organisations.

What you need to know about RMail…

Trusted internationally

RMail is a global brand whose technology has been developed to assist with compliance in multiple jurisdictions around the world.

Track important mails

Record when an email has been opened with a digitally verifiable timecode. You control whether or not recipients are aware of the process.

Request receipts

Registered Receipt™ stores a full audit trail for conversations in a transparent manner, with exact content, proof of delivery and message authentication.

Send large files

RMail includes a simple service for sending files up 1GB in size via email. Uploads and downloads guaranteed, saving time and bandwidth.

Encryption and digital signatures

Traditional email encryption solutions such as PGP are difficult to use and don’t integrate with corporate identities. RMail’s simple system allows you to send encrypted or signed messages to anyone.

“Anti-whaling” protection

A “whaling” or business email compromise (BEC) attack involves imposters attempting to lure recipients into sending funds to false accounts. RMail scans and alerts users to protect against whaling attacks.

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Certifications & Recognition

Our team of experts are trained and certified to deal with any challenge or regulatory framework whilst ensuring operational excellence.