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Hosted Virtual Servers

On demand infrastructure
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Global Micro’s Hosted Virtual Servers are Infrastructure as a Service for your business, with straightforward, on-demand servers and storage. Hosted Virtual Servers can be provided as managed or unmanaged, and fully replicated for performance and contingency planning.

Hosted Virtual Servers explained

Global Micro’s Hyper-V virtualised servers give you the ability to consolidate physical servers or launch new services on demand, all from our high performance datacentre environment which will ensure maximum availability and access speed, backed by SLA and hosted locally within South Africa.

We select the best technology

Virtual servers are the vital ingredient in digital transformation for your firm. Provision new servers at the click of a button and only pay for what you use, keeping the cost of innovation down.

All Global Micro Hosted Virtual Servers support standard x86 workloads and can be provisioned with the operating system of choice.

Virtual Server Services are the start of your journey to cloud computing, and can be provided with industry-leading backup and virtual disaster recovery add-ons.

High performance interconnects to every major national and international network via NAP Africa.

Global Micro’s Hosted Virtual Server services are provisioned from our South African datacentres, which are physically sited in Teraco co-location spaces, where we connect directly to the biggest and fastest internet exchange on the continent, NAP Africa. That means your servers are futureproof against future privacy protection concerns and have a low-latency connection to the outside world, in one of the most reliable environments on the planet.

Managed Hosted Virtual Servers

All Virtual Server Services come with Webroot™ SecureAnywhere Business Endpoint Protection and ScreenProtect™ remote support, and can be provisioned with state-of-the-art firewall and intrusion detection technology from F5 or OPNSense.

There are three ways to enhance your business with virtual servers from Global Micro

Unmanaged Virtual Hosting lets you replace physical servers with instances in the Global Micro Cloud

Virtual servers reduce your overheads by removing the need for physical infrastructure in your office or data centre. Your computing needs are provisioned from the highly secure Global Micro cloud, so you know that your data is always safe and secure

Managed Virtual Hosting means we take on the work of maintaining your servers

Managed Hosted Virtual Server services come with the peace of mind that Global Micro will take care of your infrastructure. This includes patching, testing, backing-up and system management for the base operating system of your servers, as well as anti-virus and malware scans. You can focus on what you’re good at: adding value to your business’ bottom line.

Managed Replicated Hosted servers offer extra security, speed and peace of mind

For even greater resilience, our Managed Replicated Hosted Virtual Server Services product maintains a entire second instance of your infrastructure, duplicated in our second data centre. This guarantees high availability at all times, including planned and unplanned outages, and can also be used for load balancing intensive applications.

Managed Virtual Server Services can be further enhanced with add-ons, including industry-leading backup and virtual disaster recovery. Global Micro’s team of experts can also assist with migration of existing servers into the virtual environment.

What you need to know…

Global Micro Hosted Virtual Servers are configured using the Microsoft Azure Compute Unit (ACU) measure of CPU performance. A-series and D-series servers area available with up to 128GB usable RAM and 605GB storage by default, with unlimited expansion options.

Sample standard configurations:

Server type A3 A9 D3v2 D14v2
4 16 2 16
RAM 7GB 112GB 14GB 112GB
HDD 285GB 382GB 285GB 605GB
Traffic 10GB 20GB 19GB 30GB
Firewall F5 25Mbps+ F5 25Mbps+ F5 25Mbps+ F5 25Mbps+
Licensing Windows Remote Desktop Subscriber Access, SQL Server Standard Core & Subscriber, SQL Server Enterprise Core Windows Remote Desktop Subscriber Access, SQL Server Standard Core & Subscriber, SQL Server Enterprise Core Windows Remote Desktop Subscriber Access, SQL Server Standard Core & Subscriber, SQL Server Enterprise Core Windows Remote Desktop Subscriber Access, SQL Server Standard Core & Subscriber, SQL Server Enterprise Core


Certifications & Recognition

Our team of experts are trained and certified to deal with any challenge or regulatory framework whilst ensuring operational excellence.