Managed Care + Rental Take the headache out of maintaining your equipment! Managed Care + Rental Take the headache out of maintaining your equipment!
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Managed Care + Rental

Combine laptop finance, provision, and managed services
in one fixed-cost platform

  • Start working immediately with any laptop and accessories
  • Enjoy unlimited per-device support from Global Micro Solutions, a multi-year Microsoft Hosting partner of the year, with 26+ years experience
  • Pay only one low monthly price for 36 months

This is for our Managed Care customers who are sick of headaches with refreshing their equipment

Like many of our Cloud Workspace users, you probably love the cloud for its flexibility, agility and scale. But you probably also hate traditional IT rental and finance—which has none of those things! It simply wasn’t designed for the cadence of the cloud.

As one of our customers wrote to us, “A week of paperwork that could have taken hours takes about 15 minutes to manage, and with better results”. Here’s how:

Too many stakeholders

IT rental requires coordination with a finance house, equipment vendor and service provider. This means a complex (some would say horrible) fulfilment process. It’s utterly unsuited to the kind of continuous procurement process that is ideal for 21st century businesses.

Mark-up on mark-up

With so many fingers in the pie, you end up paying not once, not twice, but three times:

  1. The finance house takes a margin
  2. The equipment vendor takes a margin
  3. The managed service provider takes a margin

Restrictive, frustrating process

First you negotiate with the equipment vendor. Then you negotiate with the finance house. They put restrictions on what equipment you can have. So you go back to the vendor to renegotiate. Then the finance house has to provide guarantees to the vendor before they can order anything. Then the equipment has to be set up… By the time this rigmarole is over, it’s six weeks later and your users want the next generation of equipment that just came out!

Fact: traditional IT rental raises costs, lowers flexibility, and increases your business risk

At last you can ditch your frustrations with a rental model designed for continuous, unrestricted, cost-effective deployment.

This is what Global Micro’s Managed Care + Rental offers. We’ve now built rental into our existing Managed Care service, so you get the same unlimited technical support and proactive maintenance—but now you can replace or add to your equipment without all the traditional headaches. It’s a completely new approach to IT rental, available exclusively to Managed Care users.

Any equipment you like

Purchase equipment on our wholesale account or from your preferred retailer. Whether you want traditional corporate-oriented equipment, or standard retail devices like MacBook Airs, our Managed Care team will make it happen. There’s no device lock-in, no restricted equipment, no headaches of any kind—just the device you want, provisioned within days, and completely supported by our technical team.

No added markup = more money for you to work with

As one of Africa’s largest cloud service providers, we have tremendous purchasing power—which means we can provide all your equipment at our cost price. It costs us nothing to leverage our purchasing power to help you buy at wholesale pricing. With these savings you can purchase better equipment, with more robust extended warranties—and that in turn lowers our cost of support. We’ll also provide you with copies of all our purchasing invoices; with no markup, your insurance bill will be lower.

Subsidised rental fees & installation

As a reward for being a Managed Care customer, we cross-subsidise the rental with some of the fees from Managed Care. We can do this because when our customers use up-to-date devices, our costs for managing and supporting them are lower.

Seamless transition to your new devices

We’ll take care of moving over all your files, applications and Cloud Workspace Suite from your old devices to the new. By the time they arrive in your office (which is very quick), they’ll already be set up just the way you want them. No lost time or nasty surprises; the only thing you’ll notice has changed about your device is the speed and quality!

Own the equipment at the end (if you wish)

We will gladly sell you the equipment at the end of the rental period for a fixed fee equal to 3 rental payments. This almost always works out cheaper than buying it up front, and means lower costs, greater flexibility and lower business risk.

A simple ordering process

We’ve designed the ordering process to frictionless and efficient. Remember, the aim is no headaches. Here’s what to do:

  1. Upgrade your subscription from Managed Care to Managed Care with Rental.
  2. Select a tier that corresponds to the value of the equipment you need. You can select from R7500, R10 000, R12 500, R15 000 or R20 000.
  3. You’ll be issued a voucher which you can redeem for any new equipment. When you’re ready for a new device, reach out to our Managed Care team to get quotes from our wholesale providers, or let us know which retail equipment you want us to order.
  4. Place your order together with your voucher(s), and we take care of the rest.

How this process might look in your actual business

Because this model is totally new, it helps to have an example or two that you can look at. That way you can see how you’d go about this in your own business—and how dead easy it is compared to your current headaches.

For example: replacing a cheap laptop

Managed Care + Rental

Our standard 36-month managed care pack (on a device you already own) is R300 per month. So let’s say your laptop is getting long in the tooth, and you want to purchase a new one for R8200. This is just a little more than our tier 1 rental option (R7500), so you might expect you’ll have to make up the R1200 difference. But…

You call our managed care team and upgrade your Managed Care Pack Subscription (CW-BS01) to Managed Care + Rental Tier 1 (CW-BS02), on a 3-year subscription. We then source the laptop you want – and because we can get it at a wholesale price, we manage to secure it for R7500. We give you a R7500 voucher which you use to pay for it—no need to charge you extra after all, since we didn’t pay retail cost!

Now, your monthly fee increases from R300 to R475, making your total additional spend R175 × 36 months = R6300. The upshot is that you pay:

  • R1200 less than the wholesale cost price for the laptop
  • R1900 less than the price you’d have paid purchasing through a dealer (typical markup is 10-15%)
  • No finance fee. Because you’ve kept everything under the Global Micro umbrella, rather than having to go to a finance house, you’ve saved all the typical finance costs. At a typical 12%, that would have cost you an additional R1500.

So in total we save you R3400.
But what if you want to purchase the laptop at the end of the subscription period? Then all you pay is 3 months rental = R475 × 3 = R1425. Again, it works out far cheaper than buying retail, or even buying wholesale if you’re relying on a finance house.

For example: replacing a premium laptop

Managed Care + Rental

You’ve seen how easy and cost-effective it is to get an inexpensive new laptop. So maybe you think that actually, an even better replacement would be that MacBook Air (MJVE2) you’ve had an eye on. It’s currently R15 499 at the Apple iStore.

So this time, you upgrade your Managed Care Pack Subscription (CW-BS01) to Managed Care + Rental Tier 4 (CW-BS05) on a 3-year subscription. This gives you a R15 000 voucher.

We source the laptop for you from the Apple iStore using your R15 000 voucher, plus R499, which will be charged to your account to make up the difference.

Your monthly fee increases from R300 to R850. It’s a big jump, but consider how the numbers work out over 36 months:

  • Your total additional spend is R550 × 36 months = R19 800.
  • If you’d chosen to finance the laptop the traditional way at 12%, the interest on a R15 499 laptop over 3 years would be approximately R6100. So your total cost of ownership would be around R21 600.

Although you pay an initial R499 to make up the cost of the laptop, you save R1300 over the long term. (Plus you get a convenient, single-source rental solution at the same time.) The savings are not as substantial as with a wholesale option because we can’t leverage the reduced cost of the device – but the process still saves you money, time, and heartache.

An exclusive benefit for Managed Care customers

Managed Care + Rental is only available to our customers who make use of Cloud Workspace Suite with Managed Care. Give us a call to discuss upgrading now:



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