Hosted Exchange

Email Migration and Management Accelerator (EMMA)

Moving to Hosted Exchange
has never been so easy

Moving your organisation to Hosted Exchange or Office 365 is a daunting task. Global Micro makes the process risk-free with its affordable management migration service.

Email Migration and Management Accelerator (EMMA) explained

The benefits of moving to Hosted Exchange or Office 365 are indisputable. Your organisation can benefit from more secure mail, on any device, with better collaboration tools than any other platform. But transferring users from legacy mail can be a tough process, which is why we developed EMMA.

Business Agility Benefits

Can you afford email downtime if the move to Hosted Exchange goes wrong?

Moving your business infrastructure to Hosted Exchange can seem scary and expensive. After all, changing the way your company communicates and schedules its time both internally and externally isn’t something that you will do often, and carries a large risk to productivity if something goes wrong in the process.

Global Micro has the experience and expertise to help

Our team of migration experts have successfully moved thousands of users in hundreds of organisations to Hosted Exchange. They have refined the process down using their years of experience and sophisticated tools to a series of straightforward steps.

Through EMMA, they’ll work with you to identify what makes your migration unique, and project manage your move from start to finish to make sure the transition is seamless with no downtime.

Hosted Exchange

EMMA is affordable, fully documented and you can choose to pay the migration fee off as a single upfront charge, or over the period of your contract. As an optional upgrade, we can also provide for ingestion and creation of distribution lists.

What you need to know about EMMA…

The EMMA process

Consultation and evaluation

Choose the right migration process

Formulate a task team

We will provide experts, and set-up the new Exchange environment with your staff

Finalise documentation

Key steps and details such as necessary credentials are built into a bespoke plan


We’ll meet with your team regularly, and engage in dummy runs to ensure the process will be smooth


Users are migrated in batches, in a failsafe environment to ensure that there is no downtime


We’ll switch over MX records, DKIM, DMARK and SPF records, then monitor mail flow and ensure all calendaring and contact lists are working as intended


Certifications & Recognition

Our team of experts are trained and certified to deal with any challenge or regulatory framework whilst ensuring operational excellence.