Backup your workstations

Backup and restore the PCs of your office, home office and field workers with the easy-to-use and reliable Acronis PC backup software, and store your backed up data offsite.

Everyone experiences problems with their computer (especially hard drives). According to a Backblaze study, more than 5% of hard drives fail every year, and one in five hard drives will not survive for more than four years.

There are also software failures – virus attacks, ransomware, botched updates and reconfigurations. A virus can leave a backdoor into your system so that ransomware can encrypt your documents.

If any of these events result in lost data and your organisation does not have a backup and restore strategy, you risk losing critical files.

That’s why Global Micro is offering you access to Acronis Workstation Backup for 12 months at absolutely no cost to you!

With Acronis Workstation Backup you can choose how you back up your data, for example:

  • Back up only selected files and folders.
  • Back up your system or specific files without interrupting your work.
  • Full backup.
  • Do a complete backup of your machine.
  • Incremental backup.
  • Back up all changes to your system since the previous backup.
  • Sector-by-sector backup

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