Work from home readiness with RMail & RSign

Both RSign and RMail can be used together or separately – whatever fits your needs. RMail is an all-in-one plug-in to Outlook, Gmail, and Salesforce that gives you advanced email security and delivery certification while RSign is a full-featured electronic signature platform that allows you to request signatures on documents instantly on any device.

You get all the benefits of RMail and RSign at absolutely no cost for May, June and July

Global Micro will automatically pre-register you for this service on our platform and send you all the necessary login details. When the three-month free period ends you can opt to continue on this premier package or revert to another package. We’ll also send you all the details you need for online training to ensure you are 100% ready to leverage all the benefits of the package. Look at some of the benefits of RMail:

  • Simple-to-use encryption: Securely encrypt email with the RMail email encryption service; simple enough for senders and especially receivers, so it could be used for lots of back-and-forth communications to and from home offices. For healthcare providers, RMail encryption provides auditable proof records of HIPAA and GDPR privacy compliance.
  • Track email opening: Need to see who is getting what, seeing what when, who is working when? RMail receipts track email opening regardless of recipient device and without the need for any clicks or action at the recipient.
  • Certify e-delivery: Need certified e-delivery proof – but don’t want to interact with courier service offices or staff? Install RMail and use its registered Email™ service to give email users the ultimate visibility of delivery and open status, as well as court-admissible, certified proof of delivery, time, and exact message content.
  • Impostor email protection: Protect your staff from the onslaught of hackers posing as you in sensitive emails. Install RMail for its anti-whaling specialised anti-phishing email impostor protection.
  • Easy 2-minute installation: Get started easily with one 2-minute RMail install into Microsoft Outlook or Gmail. Or, start with RSign for more advanced e-signature and e-forms functionality. Users who install RMail are auto-enabled for RSign.

Your e-sign & e-security toolkit

  • E-signatures & e-forms
  • Email encryption
  • Registered Email™ e-delivery proof
  • Large file sharing
  • Email impostor protection
  • Data leak prevention.

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