Enterprise File Sync and Share

SyncVault Enterprise File Sync and Share

Cloud storage and collaboration
That you can control

Global Micro’s SyncVault offers enterprise grade file synchronisation and collaboration tools, with all the benefits of cloud-based services but all the control of a local server.

SyncVault explained

Built on tried and tested technology from Ctera™, Global Micro’s SyncVault Enterprise File Sync and Share is collaboration and file sync that’s simple to use for end users and administrators alike. SyncVault has all the features of popular cloud-based file sharing services. Files are kept in a local folder on any device, and up-to-date copies are saved on a secure server in the Global Micro cloud where they can be accessed and edited via a web browser.


Synchronisation with local desktop files means that all users have access to the latest version of a document, and there’s no more need for long and confusing email chains.

With SyncVault, you’re in control of your data

SyncVault Enterprise File Sync and Share gives you absolute control over your business documents. A simple administration interface allows you to set-up rules to govern naming policies, file types and size. In addition, SyncVault works with Active Directory and IDSync to ensure that you know who has accessed which files, and when.

SyncVault further prevents unauthorised access by allowing adminstrators to remote wipe data from devices, preventing leakage via employee-owned phones and tablets.

Unlike popular cloud-based filesharing services, all SyncVault documents are encrypted all the time and not just when they’re in transit. It’s an essential level of protection against cyberattack.

Eliminate the need for local fileservers

Syncvault does more than keep your documents up-to-date in the cloud. It can be enhanced with a local storage appliance that replicates all of your document data on your LAN for speed and maximum availability. Storage appliances can be configured to cover individual teams, departments or a whole office, are available with up to 28GB storage per device.

It’s a complete and cost-effective replacement for difficult to maintain local fileservers.


What you need to know…

SyncVault Enterprise File Sync & Share
256-bit encryption in transit and at rest
Supports mobile devices
Ownership and access is linked to corporate identity credentials
Local appliance sync plus cloud for speed and continuity
Browser-based document editing
Sandboxed access for remote wipe of employee devices
Complete version history and undelete
Simple collaboration, with option to disable downloads
Per-document identity-based access control
Malware scanning on document upload
Generic cloud file sync solutions
Encryption in transit only
Supports mobile devices
Ownership and access is linked to personal identity credentials
Cloud sync only
Browser-based document commenting


Certifications & Recognition

Our team of experts are trained and certified to deal with any challenge or regulatory framework whilst ensuring operational excellence.