Desktop and Application Services

Desktop and Application Services

What are
Desktop and Application Services?

Workstation as a Service (WaaS) enables businesses to embrace a flexible work style by providing a cloud desktop to end users which provides the capability to access a Windows desktop with supporting applications such as Microsoft Office.

Hosted securely and accessible through the internet, WaaS can be accessed using a Cell Phone, PC, Mac or Thin Client. WaaS provides an efficient way of delivering applications to remote users while properly optimizing them. Businesses can experience faster and efficient business processes, better performance of applications to ensure faster data access, easy content synchronization, and efficient operations during company wide disaster.

Business applications can easily leverage web technologies, Microsoft technologies, and ERP platforms providing better operational functioning. Business no longer needs to worry about backups, updates, upgrades, licenses and have the ability to give their users a desktop that is available 24/7/365.

Compared to traditional methods onsite of implementing similar redundancies or solutions can cost companies a small fortune and stretch IT resources even further. WaaS is available when you can’t reach the office, your cloud Workspace and business critical applications can reach you.

Features and benefits

Below are some of the key features and benefits for Desktop and Application Services:

Bring your own device

Users have real time secure access to applications and data from anywhere, anytime on any device, and ultimately have greater productivity on the go.

Security and compliance

Address key security and compliance priorities by ensuring the right level of secure cloud desktop access for every individual and situation.

Business continuity

WaaS ensures cloud-hosted desktop access through any disruption. Keeping employees connected and business up and running.

Flexible work style

Increase productivity with a flexible workspace from the constraints of traditional enterprise computing. WaaS solution, offers superfast, private Cloud access – no sharing, no dropped connections.

No software cost

Eliminate the requirement of managing additional license agreements and the complexities associated with delivering a substantial user experience.

Bridging existing IaaS environments

Connect securely and privately to your hosted environment on your internal hosted network, behind a firewall, safely away from the threats and exposure of the Internet, giving you the look and feel of your own premier desktop environment.

Redundant and highly available

The WaaS offering provides redundancy of all the underlying infrastructure and platform components across two datacenters.

No software cost

Environment bridged with the WaaS offering has the ability to make use of application level authentication.

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