South Africa’s most experienced hosted infrastructure IT provider

Back in the early 90’s, ‘application service provision’, ‘hosted services’ and ‘off-premise computing’ were touted as the silver bullets for meeting companies’ growing and increasingly-complex technology needs. Most people weren’t sure. It took time for companies to see the benefits of outsourcing a core business asset and for providers to actually deliver what they’d been promising. Yet, over time, the industry matured. The competitive advantage of having an external IT provider became clear. The era of ‘managed services’ dawned. Many providers fell away. But a handful upped their game and began to shape an industry. Global Micro was there, leading the charge.


Since 1994 Global Micro has defined the managed services landscape. Formed by JJ Milner and a group of highly-skilled, passionate and tech-savvy entrepreneurs, the company has evolved into one of the most experienced IT providers of diverse, comprehensive and business-related managed technology services in the country.

We offer solutions tailored for small to medium sized organisations, enterprises and multi-nationals and managed IT service providers.


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What we do  

  • We take care of technology so you can take care of your business.
  • No frills, no bells and whistles, no hidden agendas – we offer the latest advances in ICT from our data centre so you can push the limits of your own business success.
  • It could be purchasing or renting the hardware and software, deploying it, connecting to the Internet or other networks, communicating and collaborating internally or with customers and partners, managing and optimising your infrastructure, or getting technical support.
  • By spending time with your business executives and your technology specialists, Global Micro gains a crystal-clear understanding of where you are and what is causing operational, financial or service delivery pain.
  • We then architect the best solution, price it at a point that makes sense for your operating expenditure structure and deliver that over a private network or the Internet from our rock solid data centres – along with the knowledge that everything works, and everything you care about is safe.
  • Also, when you engage Global Micro, you’re effectively streamlining your IT operations so they report into as few points as possible. No need to have separate IT providers for every service. No need for your internal IT department to have skills in every discipline or product. No need for multiple invoicing from multiple suppliers.

Why talk to us  

  • On the road to business success, every business faces a challenge.
  • It could be an issue of moving from a simple email system to one that offers shared calendars, rich collaboration and access to information servers. It could be that you have customers all around the world and are looking to save money on communication costs. Or it could be that you need an off-site backup operation, complex database development, data security policies, procedures & solutions, a software asset management audit, or a customer relationship management system.
  • No matter what the issue, the question will always arise: ‘can we do this ourselves, or should we hire someone to help us?’
  • At Global Micro, we’re very clear on how we help answer this. If you have limited in-house IT skills, we take care of everything – no pain, no issues, just a single point of contact who ensures it all works. If you do have in-house IT skills, we partner with your teams, support them, and offer the requisite skills to span the gap between challenge and solution.
  • Of course, don’t forget the economies of scale and competitive pricing that comes courtesy of our enormous investments in the very latest technologies.
  • We can effectively ‘rent’ access to super-fast network services, Outlook e-mail, internationally-recognised security solutions or core line-of-business applications from our data centres at a fraction of what it would cost to deploy them yourself.