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Cloud Computing Partner Programs

Join the Software-as-a-Service Revolution. Be among the first to resell Cloud Computing Services to your customers through our comprehensive partner programs.

It is estimated that greater than 30% of IT budgets will be diverted from traditional application and infrastructure spending to the Cloud. This shift represents one of the most significant transformations in the IT services marketplace to take place over the last three decades. Do you have the right partner at your side to guide your business to success?

Partner Programs Overview

As a market leader and cloud infrastructure pioneer, we not only understand the technical challenges of this shift, but also how this transformation impacts your business model. We developed our partner programs to allow you to gracefully transform and enhance your existing business by offering Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) as a core component of your product offering.

At the same time, we offer partners a structure that is designed for the go-to-market strategies you want to have today and need for tomorrow.

  • You own the customer and build your own brand. Contracts are on your paper, not ours.
  • Set your own prices and margins. We offer you wholesale rates on all services.
  • Improve Customer retention. Hosted Services are “sticky sales”.
  • Create recurring revenue and opportunities from consulting fees.

Private Label Reseller Program

Our private label reseller program helps MSPs quickly and easily leverage and deploy a broad array of private label managed services, enabling them to manage technical labour resources more efficiently, build and sustain recurring service revenue streams, improve service levels and customer satisfaction and increase profitability.


  • We help you manage technical labour resources more effectively.
  • We provide the infrastructure and back-end labour you need to grow your private label managed services business.
  • Lower your operating costs and sub-contract your technical support to our Help Desk.


  • We provide a set of resources designed to help solution providers and MSPs run their private label services businesses more efficiently.
  • Three industry leading remote monitoring and management platforms have been pre-integrated into our Hosted ConnectWise professional service automation solution.

Partner Program Benefits

Join a Global Micro Partner Program and let us show you how to take your services business to the next level.


Stand on our shoulders and allow your business to reach greater heights. We will enable you to:

  • Contain or reduce your operating costs.
  • Improve customer service without additional investment in resources or infrastructure.
  • Deploy quickly.
  • Keep your staff free to focus on core business opportunities.
  • Access personalised assistance and counsel from your dedicated Global Micro account executive.


Leverage our 20 years of experience packaged into our remote monitoring and management tools:

  • Add quality service without investing in additional resources and infrastructure. Create recurring revenue streams and increase productivity.
  • Increase customer satisfaction through improved network availability and performance.
  • The Partner Portal allows you to quickly provision new accounts and add-on services with a few clicks of the mouse – reducing account admin time. The portal also provides access to brandable marketing collateral and the latest technical documentation.


Partner with South Africa’s most experienced hosted infrastructure provider.

  • Services that will set you apart. We have the most expansive and integrated suite of hosted services. Other providers are always playing catch-up.
  • Private Label – You contract with your customers under your own brand. You retain customer ownership and deliver first line support. Global Micro provides the services and infrastructure.
  • Pricing – You get access to our services at wholesale rates. You are free to add your own value added services and determine your own go-to-market pricing.